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October 29, 2017



Do you feel like you’re always “this close” to achieving something only to fall short? Do you feel as though you are always struggling and not moving forward or feeling fulfilled?
Making changes that will turn your life around takes an understanding of the universal energies and how the soul and spirit interact and connect to everything.
Author Jan Mayfield channels the energies and voices of souls who have evolved and transcribes them. Read the dialogue of the souls who pass on valuable messages and worldly predictions.
As you read Zoetic Soul, goose-bump reactions that resonate with the dialogue and Jan’s life experiences will begin to open your thoughts revealing your soul’s reactive patterns. You will understand how to:
Initiate proactive changes that will turn your life’s story from one of struggle and sacrifice to one of fulfilment
Make mindful decisions instead of reacting automatically based on past experiences
Zoetic Soul’s intentions are to empower mind changes which enable life changes potentiating your soul’s passion to create your own rightful miraculous adventure!



Excellent Book
By Steve on Amazon UK, 5 August 2017

Fantastic read. This book has helped in many ways, from settling and obtaining an understanding of my past which has helped me to accept and move on from certain situations. It will open your mind to a different kind of world, that will guide you to a better understanding of the universe.
Zoetic Soul should not be read before bed, only because you will not want to put the book down, and realize you only have a few hours until you need to be awake (several nights of this). I will be reading it again in the next few days.
Highly recommend this book to all on a spiritual path.







Jan Mayfield is a former teaching and management professional who, after experiencing a traumatic accident that left her debilitated for more than a year, switched directions to pursue her passion for understanding spirit’s role in life, something she had always felt was her soul’s purpose.
For almost two decades she has been a successful international direct voice of spirits and an intuitive coaching consultant. Radiating warmth and compassion, this gifted, psychic healer’s unique approach brings insight and empowerment to her clients, offering them the opportunity to reach their soul’s potential.

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